Len Swizzlestep

Neutral Good Halfling Wizard




The name is Clenry Swizzlestep but my friends call me Len! Some call me Wizard, some call me prodigy, some call me 10 pounds of magic in a 5 pound bag. Growing up I had an aptitude for magic and an appetite for study which got me accepted into the College of Magic at Northern Lights at the record setting age of 14.

For twelve exciting years I studied the inner workings and nuances of magic under the mentorship of the great Clara Innifink. In preparation for the commencement rite as a fully-fledged Wizard, I traveled home to ponder my arcane focus and to see my parents for the first time since I joined the College of Magic.

Upon returning to my childhood home the whole place was layered in an eerie stillness. The house was furnished but my family was nowhere to be found. Food was on the table, clothes were in their drawers. Everything was as it should be, except they weren’t present.

The only thing that was out of place was the lantern on the front porch had been lit with a blue flame. It was a relic of my childhood where my brother and I would light the lantern with a bluewick candle to tell each other to come find us when it was time for supper. It seemed like a cry for help, a cry for me to find my brother and my parents.

I took the lantern back with me to the College for the commencement rite as my focus. I’ve spent the last two years digging for clues and praying for a lead. The trail has been non-existent… until now. I’ve received a mysterious letter claiming that the first thread to unravel in my family’s disappearance lies to the south in Neverwinter.

I‘m not a fool. This could be an opportunist trying to take advantage of my desperation, a scheme to pull me away from my search, or worse yet, a trap for someone to finish what they’ve started and end the Swizzlestep line. I know the risks, and even still if there is a chance that this could be a lead, to bring my family back, I must take it. Plus, I’ve always wanted to see Neverwinter in the spring.

Len Swizzlestep

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